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One Goal: 6 Month Journey for Creating Your Dream Life

This journey is all about you and your intentions. It’s your chance to create the life you want, not just dream about it.

Once you’ve decided to become the creator of your future, in the 6 months that follow, you can develop and take steps to transform from your current state of consciousness to the serenity of the life you chose to design, build, and live.

…and it all starts with ONE GOAL.

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"I believe that creativity comes from the essence of our beings. When embarking on Creative expressions of the soul using the eyes, ears, hands, feet, and mind, we bare our souls for the universe to witness. 

Sharing these gifts increases our innate presence in this world. I love all things that stem from the creative mind and I am eager to share my love of them with the world." 

~ Belinda  Porée