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Artist: My Creative Endeavors - Art Pieces & Crafts


These are a few curated creative babies that I have either photographed with my iPhone and left as is, photographed and manipulated, or created digitally using various tools and softwares. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I did creating them

Nothing brings me more joy than seeing and experiencing artistic beauty. I not only love seeing beautiful things, I also love participating in bringing more creative elements to the light. I enjoy just purely creating for the sake of energy release. 


"Empire State of Mind"

"Forest of Subconscious" - from Grounds for Sculpture

"NY Botanical Gardens"

"Zara City Style"

"Grounds 911" - From Grounds for Sculpture

"Holy Name of Jesus Church"

"The Waters of Lake Minnetonka"

"Jean Paul Gaultier Madonnas" - Brooklyn Museum Exhibit

"Greeley Square Bird"

"Green Garden" - Kyoto Japan


"Mystical View"


"Seeing Through - Reach"

"Hoff Man"

"HDMI in the Dark"

"Studio '54, Were You There"