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These are guidebooks and stories that my spirit allowed to be released into the wild. I operate fully fueled on wordflow and verbal fireworks and am deeply grateful for the opportunity to see them published. They are available and I hope you will consider making them a part of your reading and entertainment repertoire. 

One Goal Goal Planning Workbook & Journal [ad]

“Income Expense & Bill Tracker”: 2-Year Undated Calendar & Money Management Log for Personal or Small Business [ad]

Sudoku Calm Vol.1: Easy to Medium Relaxing Puzzles with Mindful Motivational Messages [ad]

Vintage Income & Expense Tracker Simple Log Book for Personal and Small Business Money Management [ad]

“Plan for Tomorrow, Today!" Financial Asessment Workbook


Books have touched and altered my life. I share below some of the ones that touched me the most. They either taught me to grow beyond my human shell or transported me to a place where all I needed to do was just breathe in the experience. I hope you will find the same gifts I found in these.    

I received this book as a gift. It’s the 2nd book in the Vampire Chronicles. At the time, I hadn't read book 1, “Interview With The Vampire” [ad]. So after reading this book, I had a sense of who Lestat was. I felt love and offered compassion and tenderness to his tortured soul. When I finally read “Interview with the Vampire”, I imagined that anyone who read that book first may have formed an opinion of what the entity Lestat appeared to be, which, in my opinion, was most likely spawned as a means of self-preservation. He developed a hard shell to protect the soft underbelly that wasn’t revealed until book 2. My nature for nurture made me glad that I read this book first. 

The book “The Vampire Lestat” taught me that how you see someone based on the picture society paints of others who may look like them, isn’t always reflective of who that individual person is inside. You may know and see what someone does, and judge them based on how the external world taught you to respond to that visual. But you don’t know how they got where they are or what they may be fighting internally just to be allowed to be who they are or grow into who they would like to be. I stand firm in the power of loving someone for who they are, and not who I would like for them to be.

Anne Rice's books stand alone very well. Whether you start on book 2 like I did or get the whole Vampire Chronicles from the start, if you enjoy fantasy, dark and mystical romance, and/or vampires, this will not disappoint. [ad]

I was obsessed with the wizarding world of Harry Potter. So obsessed that I finished one book during a subway transit strike. The book ended on a cliffhanger. I didn’t have the next one in the series and the nearest Barnes & Noble book store was miles away. Not within walking distance for a New York City girl with no car or driving skills. I almost cried because I needed to know what happened next. Then I heard the train whistle for the MetroNorth Railway. Those trains go to Upstate New York, Hudson Valley, and Connecticut. But I realized that my station was the 2nd stop for all of those trains and the New York departure was Grand Central Station. I could take any New York bound train that stopped at my station to Grand Central. I rushed out the door and jumped on the train. Got my book, got back on the train, launched myself back into my huge Papasan chair and continued the adventure. 

That’s how good the series is. And no, it's not just for children. It's for anyone who understands the plight of the underdog. Anyone who loves to root for the child who has been abused and treated like less than, to rise up and win love and well deserved respect.

It's best to start at the beginning with this book (Year One) or you may prefer to get the whole Harry Potter Box Set. I think that's what I should have done, had I thought of it back then. I'm glad I have them all now and constantly revist them, along with their well made movies. [ad]

More to come...