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A selection of curated blog posts/journal entries that I have written over the years. I enjoy sharing a part of my world and I hope you enjoy reading my stories. 

Prince wwpd

Losing Prince

Prince meant everything to me, and losing him on 4/21/16 was a blow that I'm still dealing with today... <Read on lrnl>

This Is Everything!

Beautiful art pieces sometimes bring me to tears. I realized that during a trip to Barny's NY when I saw this masterpiece...  <Read on lrnl>

Sleves Required

As a knitter, there's always going to be a challenge piece. For me, that's anything with sleeves. Sleeves are my Kryptonite... <Read on lrnl>

"Were You There"

My poetic letter to Tom Ford and tribute to his Oud Wood purfume and my Teen Life in the 80's club scene... <Read on lrnl>

24-Hour Comic Day

I love comic books and always dreamed of writing one. 24-Hour Comic Day gave me that opportunity... <Read on Blogger>

"Missing Me"

This is a poem I wrote to force myself to breathe again and rejoin the world of now... <Read on lrnl>